Cyber Dragon is an online game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can create characters, challenge copies, and loot rare items. The final challenge is to defeat the ultimate boss, the cyber dragon. The tokens paid by all players will become the assets of the cyber dragon's treasure house. Defeating the dragon will receive the dragon treasure house rewards. The Cyber Dragon will be reborn and become stronger, increase the wealth of the treasure house and wait for the players to challenge again.

Getting Started

The requirements to start playing CyberDragon are a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask, and BNB to pay for gas fees.
MetaMask Download
You can buy BNX token from PancakeSwap or BabySwap
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Dual Token Economic System

Cyber ​​Dragon has a dual-token economic system of BNX + gold.

BNX token

Token address:0x8c851d1a123ff703bd1f9dabe631b69902df5f97
Cyber ​​Dragon's governance tokens, BNX token holders can participate in community governance and voting rights on major game decisions. At the same time, holding BNX tokens can also get regular airdrops of gold. Some key operations of the game require consuming BNX tokens, such as creating heroes, forging rare equipment, challenging the Cyber ​​Dragon dungeon and some top dungeons. Ways to get BNX tokens: buying from Dex such as Pancake, Babyswap, challenging specific dungeons in the game, and participating in other Defi products of BinaryX. Most of the BNX paid by users in the game will be used to set event rewards and returned to users.


Token address:0xb3a6381070B1a15169DEA646166EC0699fDAeA79
This is the main currency in the game. Gold is required in most consumption scenarios in the game. For example, heroes need to consume gold to upgrade; gold is required for expenses when challenging dungeons and preparing the equipment. You can also use gold to hire other players' heroes to form a team together, etc. Gold can be obtained by mining by participating in daily work after recruiting heroes. Gold can also be traded through the DEX platform.

Hiring a Hero

You can hire your hero through the hero hiring page. You need to pay 1 BNX Tokens for each hero. Each hero will get random class/attribute/talent. Each hero is in the form of NFT tokens, and you can freely transfer/give/sell the heroes.
Each address can hire 5 heroes per day.


Initially created characters are level 1, and you can level up your character by consuming a certain amount of gold, the higher the level the more gold you need to consume. The higher the level, the more gold you need to consume. Gold can be obtained through the rewards of dungeon adventures, or through each character's daily work of mining. Leveling up the hero is one of the most important attributes of the hero. Leveling up the hero will increase the hero's combat power and mining speed, but upgrading will not increase the hero's basic attributes. High level jobs and dungeons require the corresponding hero level to participate.
Failure is possible when upgrading, and the hero's NFT will disappear after the upgrade fails.


The hero will randomly get a class. The currently supported types include warrior/rogue/mage/ranger. In the future, more types will be supported.


A brave and experienced soldier or fighter.A reliable protector of the team. They can equip all one-handed or two-handed weapons except wands. They can equip light or heavy shields and medium or heavy armor. Have the highest strength and constitutional growth. They can protect the teammates by taunting/guarding skills.


Attackers who are good at dual-wielding can deal a lot of physical damage. They can equip all one-handed weapons, light shields, light armor, or medium armor. They have the highest agility growth and are good at avoiding damage with a high probability. Stealing skills can also steal items and rare equipment for the team. In addition to combat, rogues are versatile in life skills and can obtain many gold Tokens through daily work.


The master of elements, while inflicting significant elemental damage, can also give the enemy debuffs. They can only equip staff and robes, cannot use any shields or armor. They have the highest growth of spirit and intelligence and are good at dealing with AOE damage. The wizard can also create magic equipment, enchant equipment, and improve team combat capabilities.


A fighter with a firm belief, possessing aura skills can provide bonuses to the team. They can equip all one-handed weapons except the staff, light or heavy shields, and medium or heavy armor. They have the highest constitution and spirit growth attributes. Although his combat effectiveness is not strong, aura skills are indispensable for challenging advanced instances.


Archery master, good at wilderness survival, good at giving opponents a fatal blow with a bow, they can lead the team to avoid traps. Can be equipped with crossbow weapons, can not use shields, can be equipped with light or medium armor, strength/agility/constitution balanced development, is a dungeon adventure and hero combat power player.



Strength represents the strength of a hero's muscles. When using most physical damage types of weapons, the strength will determine your attack power. When using two-handed weapons, you can get a higher strength damage bonus. In addition, heavy armor and heavy shields usually have minimum requirements for strength.


Agility represents hand-eye coordination, physical flexibility, reaction, and balance abilities. This is the most crucial attribute of rogues. Agility determines the character's evasion ability. (The dodge ability will also be affected by the armor and shields equipped by the hero, see the battle rules section for details) In addition, some weapons with "dexterous" attributes will receive an agility damage bonus. In addition, the agility attribute also determines the debuff when dual-wielding weapons.


Constitution represents health and endurance, the value of life, so physique is essential for every class. In addition to health, the constitution also determines the possibility of a character being affected by debuffs.


Intelligence represents the learning and thinking ability of a person. Intelligence is the most important to the mage. Intelligence affects the number of spells that hero can cast, the difficulty of the opponent's resistance to the spell, and the spell‘s damage. High-intelligence wizard characters can learn more advanced types of spells and can cause more significant damage when they release the same spells.


Willpower represents the hero's endurance to injury and pain. In the game, the hero's will determine the character's resistance to physical damage.


Spirit represents the strength of the hero's spiritual power. A hero with strong mental power will receive less magic damage. In addition, the spirit also affects the effects of knights and bards.



The health represents the hero's ability to take damage. When entering the Dungeon or starting a PVP battle, each hero will have a complete health value. The upper limit of each hero's health = 5 * Consitution*(1+20%*(hero's level) + the health bonus provided by the character's equipment. When the hero takes damage, the health will reduce. When the health is reduced to 0, the hero will withdraw from the battle. After the end of a dungeon or PVP battle, the hero will restore all health.


The hero's ability to damage his target, hero's attack = the hero's attack attribute*(1+20%*(hero's level) * the damage multiplier of the equipped weapon + the bonus provided by the equipment. For example, when a warrior with 90 strength is equipped with a weapon with a damage multiplier of 1.5, his attack = 90*1.5=135. The attack attribute of the physical damage class is strength, and the attack attribute of the spell damage class is intelligence. Some equipment may change the attack attribute.


The hero's ability to resist physical damage. Hero's defense = the hero's will attribute *(1+20%*(hero's level)+ the defense bonus provided by all equipment. When receiving physical damage, the loss of health = the opponent's attack *random(50%~150%)* 100 / (the hero's defense + 100). For example, when a hero with 200 armor points receives an attack of 120 points, the damage he receives = 120*100/(200+100) = 40. The hero will lose 40 health points.

Magic resistance

The hero's ability to resist spell damage. The magic resistance of each hero = the hero's spirit*(1+20%*(hero's level) + the magic resistance provided by the equipment with the highest magic resistance bonus. Please note that since magic resistance cannot be superimposed, you will not achieve better results if you equip multiple types of equipment that provide magic resistance simultaneously. The effective principle of magic resistance is similar to that of defense.

Hit rate

The hit rate of the attack depends on the agility of both sides. Attack hit rate = attacker's agility/(attacker's agility + defender's agility/2). For example, when a hero with 80 agility attacks a hero with 50 agility, its hit rate = 80/(80+50/2) = 76.19%, which means that this attack will have a 76.19% chance of hitting the target.

Combat skills

A hero's skills that can be effective in battle are called combat skills, including talents and skills. The different class has different combat skills.


When the player creates a hero, the hero will get a talent, determined when the hero is created and cannot be learned or changed through the skill book or upgraded. The same talent may have different levels, and the higher the level of talent, the lower the probability of obtaining it.


Characters can acquire various skills by learning from skill instructors or using skill books. The same character can learn all the profession's skills (may have different attribute requirements), but the number of skills that hero can equip is limited. The number of equipped skills will increase as the hero level increases. Heroes can learn rare skills by skill books (see the Dungeon Adventure section for the acquisition of skill books).

Daily mining/life skills

Daily mining In addition to the bloody battles, the heroes also have their own daily life and work. When not on adventures, the characters can do some job to gain gold. You only need to click the button, and the hero will start to work and gain gold. Different job types may have requirements for attributes and levels. The higher the requirements, the higher the wages of gold that can be gain. Please note that working heroes also need your attention, if heroes are not receiving work income for too long, they will work negatively and the income will gradually decrease.

Daily work types

Daily work refers to the work that the hero can participate in. By participating in the daily work, the hero can continuously earn gold coins. . During the daily work, the hero will be locked and cannot participate in other activities such as dungeon/PK until the player finishes the hero's daily work.

Part-time job

The most basic type of work, no class and attribute requirements
Salary per block: 0.01 gold


Class: Warrior
Attribute: 86 Strength and 61 Constitution
Salary per block: 0.01 + (hero's Strength attribute-85) * 0.005 gold


Class: Rogue
Attribute: 86 agility and 61 strength
Salary per block: 0.01 + (hero's agility attribute-85) * 0.005 gold


Class: Ranger
Attribute: 86 strength and 61agility
Salary per block: 0.01 + (hero's strength attribute-85) *0.005 gold


Class: Mage
Attribute: 86 intelligence and 61 spirit
Salary per block: 0.01 + (hero's intelligence attribute-85) * 0.005 gold coins
After reaching 432000 blocks (approximately 15 days), the hero's income will drop to 80% of the original amount. After reaching 864000 blocks (approximately 30 days), the hero's income will drop to 40% . After reaching 1728000 blocks (approximately 60 days), the Hero's income will drop to 10%.
Clicking on Get Rewards or Quit Job will reset the above period and the Hero's income will return to the normal level.
In addition, the amount of gold coins the hero earns daily will be subject to the economic environment. Different gold coins to BUSD prices will affect the amount of gold coins the hero can actually earn. The percentage of gold coins harvesting is determined at 12:00 noon UTC each day and will be available for collection for 24 hours after the percentage is determined. All uncollected gold coins will be calculated according to the percentage of income when you click to claim the income. Please see the following table for the price of gold coins and the percentage of gold coin harvesting.
We will gradually add more types of daily work in the future.

Dungeon Adventure

Dungeon adventure is the most passionate and exciting part of the game. Kill monsters, challenge bosses, and seize treasure chests. gold, materials, skill books, rare equipment, everything.
Dungeon adventure includes two types: small dungeon and large dungeon.

Small dungeon

A dungeon that only requires one hero to challenge. When the player sends a hero to the dungeon, the system will randomly generate monsters to fight with the hero according to the difficulty of the dungeon. The battle process does not require your operations. After the battle is successful, the player will receive the reward. Some dungeons may encounter Boss and defeat the Boss to get higher rewards. If the hero loses in the battle, they can get the rewards of the previous victory.
Each hero has a limited number of adventures per day. Heroes of Lv.1-3 can participate in a dungeon 3 times per day, and times for heroes of lv.4+ is equal to their levels. The number of heroes’ adventures will be reset at 12:00 UTC everyday. You need to pay some Gold Coins to enter the dungeon adventure, the required amount might be dynamically adjusted with the changes of gold coins and BNX Price.

Goblin Village

A small goblin village, suitable for novice heroes who have just started an adventure.
Possible enemies: Goblin Bandit, Goblin Mage, Goblin Leader.
Trophy: Gold Coins, BNX, Iron Keys. The iron key can be used to open the iron treasure chest, and each key can be used for one iron treasure chest draw (the treasure chest system will be launched soon).
The contract address of iron key: 0x72b587c50a3899dce4b25a95b2994c417830c603

Large dungeon

A dungeon that requires more than two heroes in a team. When you send a team to the dungeon, the system will randomly generate monsters to fight with the team. The large dungeon may contain multiple stages, each stage has a boss, and at the final, there will be a final boss in the dungeon waiting for the heroes. After completing each stage, you can continue to the next stage or withdraw from the dungeon. If you lose in the large dungeon, you will lose all rewards for this challenge.

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